What our Learners have had to say


Marketing Instructor
I feel im the Captain of my body, it is my everything.
GRO Life was a great learning experience.


Marketing Instructor
I feel good ann powerful, I will take care of my body ann embrace it.
Growth its very difficult comes with different changes that will impact you different but you need to know how to tackle them by gaining more knowledge about growth 


Marketing Instructor
To care for my body by understanding my limitations and ensuring my health remains a priority.
GRO Life was very informative on the working of bodily awareness  


Marketing Instructor
Wake up, clean up, drink water and try to be as active as possible. 
I enjoyed the training, and it somehow gave me time to self reflect on things I always avoided about my body. 


Marketing Instructor
My purpose in life is to help others.
And my responsibility towards my body is to improve my health and nutrition.


Marketing Instructor
I need to find the best way to give back to the community using the skills I have.
GRO gave me a unique perspective on life.


Marketing Instructor
I feel blessed and grateful.
I enjoyed GRO. I found it so revealing and it felt like the first time I looked at my body with appreciation and gratitude.


Marketing Instructor
I found my purpose in life is to glorify God and make Him known.
I found GRO fun and made me think about the relationships we each have with our bodies.


Marketing Instructor
I respect and love my body. A vessel that should be well kept and taken well taken care of.
My aim is to make the world a better place in every way I can.
GRO Life Coaching was lovely and very informative.


Marketing Instructor
I enjoyed the GRO experience, everything it was nice about, because it made me to be aware about the things that I'm not thinking of everyday 


Marketing Instructor
It’s a good learning source, I got to discuss factors that’s aren’t commonly spoken about anymore 


Marketing Instructor
Refill my body, pour more goodness and health on it so that it produces good results.GRO was Fantastic! We will definitely be Shap Shap!


Marketing Instructor
I feel very positively towards my body. I love my body even though it has its imperfections.
My purpose in life is to guide and assist the younger generation.


Marketing Instructor
I feel great about my body.
My purpose in life is to be a Inspirational role model to young ones


Marketing Instructor
My purpose in life is to make it out and build an empire for the next generation to come.


Marketing Instructor
My responsibility is to take care of myself physically, spiritually and mentally.

What others have said:

Leonie started GroLife Coaching because of her passion for people. She is dedicated to help businessmen, company executives and employees, students and scholars and their parents as well as disabled people.

Each person coached by Leonie experienced a life change. Her strengths lie in the fact that she acknowledges the individuality of each person’s character and then strives to fulfil that person’s dreams to be the best.

GroLife Coaching works with the teachers of a nursery school within an informal settlement where parents lost their jobs and hope. These teachers are from the same community. Leonie makes a huge difference in their lives and gives them hope.

Leonie helps workers from large companies to speak up when they are unhappy, and teach them basic skills in the workplace.

Her teambuilding talents has made big differences in the performance of corporate and sports teams.

May GroLife Coaching go from strength to strength to make a difference in each individual or team’s life or career.

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