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4 Modules, 20 Days, 20 Tokens, 4 Badges
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Our Courses are Offered in English and Afrikaans
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Gro Life Coaching offers young people the opportunity to make sense of life.
We help you to reach your full potential with practical tools to understand, your body, mind, soul and spirit.
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Gro Life Coaching bied die geleentheid vir elke jongmens om te kan te floreer. Ons help jou om jou volle potensiaal te ontdek deur bewuswording van jou liggaam, verstand, siel en gees.


Learn more about yourself and how to use your intelligence.

Module 1

This module will help you to understand, relate to and account for your physical health.
This is a great way to start because we have many similarities, but also so many differences.
We are all unique!

Better understanding of the physical changes and challenges every person faces.

Module 2

This module will help you to understand the power of your own thinking. The thoughts that we have are the creators of our future. 
What are you thinking about?
How does this relate to your everyday life?


A better understanding of the intellectual patterns and thoughts we generate to create our future.

Module 3

Your will and emotions become your soul.
This is the heart's space, where you feel things deeply.
What emotions are you experiencing and what are the appropriate ways to respond?
This module will help everyone to understand and name the emotions we all experience.

A better understanding and meaning of the many emotions we experience.
A better understanding of the most responsive and appropriate ways to express the emotions.

Module 4

We have a spirit, an inner-voice / inner-self and that is our spirit longing to connect with a higher spirit.
We will achieve our potential if that inner-self / inner- voice guides you to become great.
Reaching your full potential is where your spirit is fully engaged.

Well established values, that align with your personal vision for your life.


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Leonie du Preez

When I was young I was so unsure about my body, the changes and the emotions I experienced.
I did not know who I was. I was a ball of emotions. It was chaos.
I know how you feel! Young adult life is tough!
This programme is Super Sharp, and will help you to understand why you are feeling the way you feel.
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